SCG Muang Thong United 2 - 1 Port Authority FC

Toyota Thai League 2020/21 Football Tournament Tuesday February 23, 2021

Stadium: SCG Stadium  

Toyota Thai League 2020 Cup / 21 Week 22 Big Match at SCG Stadium is a meeting between the local SCG Muangthong United, 5th place in the opening schedule, accepting the Port FC, vice president of the table. By the latest results of both teams, the Kirin invaded Ratchaburi 3-1, while Singha, the harbor, always opened the house at Trat FC 0-0.  

The arrangement of the players on the host side Under the leadership of Mario Eurovski, the starting lineup has Sompornyot to guard the post of the defensive panel, Watthana Korn Sawatthana, Lucas Hocha, Chat Saeng Dao and Boonthawithep Wong. Midfielder sends Chathamongkol Thongkiri, Weerathep Pomphan and Wongsakorn Chaikulthevin In the offensive line, Sardormir Zayev, Willian Popp and Derley hunted the net 

for 10 minutes, the home team nearly scoring the lead when Willian Popp caught. Ball into the penalty area Before turning on the left, but still on the body, Worawut Srisupha, the visiting team's goal

, 14th minute SCG Muang Thong has another chance. But the ball is still straight. Worawut Srisupha, 

the visiting team, has a chance to win in the first 24th minute, Sergio Suarez gets the ball in the penalty area before it flows to Martin Stuble to run to shoot without catching. But the ball is still out of the box

The next minute, the Port Authority took the lead when Sergio Suarez had the opportunity to head to change directions in the penalty area, but Sompornyot was able to kick off in time.

The visiting team almost got the lead again in the 33rd minute from the moment that Bodin Phala opened the door. The ball hits the bar out of the back.

At the end of the first half, SCG Muangthong is still

tied with the Port Authority 0-0,  returning to fight in the second half. 50 minutes, Kylen flung has a 1-0 lead from the ball thrown from Watthana, Sawat, plays and is a Zard. Dormir Zayev ran and didn't catch it

in the 61st minute, the Port Authority scored a 1-1 draw when it came to the penalty kick and Sergio Suarez took the task of killing.

Kirin was arrogant with a 2-1 lead overtaking the 67th minute from a handball stroke in the Port Authority's penalty area and was killed by Willian Popp.

74th minute, SCG, Muang Thong, almost got more goals From the timing of the return, Picha Utra pulled the ball into the area before flowing for Derray to run to shoot, but the ball fell out of the first pillar

, 81 minutes, the Port Authority almost got the goal. Ozuares ran to shoot in front of the penalty area, not caught. Ball shot over the bar a little

Final SCG Muang Thong slash beat Port Authority 2-1 to collect three points ranks fourth in the table with 37 points from 22 shots down

the list of players on the field  

was. SCG Muangthong United: Sompornyot (GK), Wattanakorn Sawatdao, Lucas Hocha, Chatchai Saengdao (Saringkarn Promsuphan. 79), Boonthaveepwong (Suporn Pinaga Ta Pho, Nor.46), Chathamongkol Thongkiri, Weerathep Pomphan (Sorawit Phanthong, n. 76), Sardormir Sayev, Wongsakorn Chaikulthevin (Picha Utran 51), Villian

Yellow card Popp , Dairley: Starlight Man

Port Authority FC: Worawut Srisupha (GK), Martin Stuble, Elias Doloh, Worawut Namvech, Nitipong Salanont, Kosulki, Siwakorn Chakkakuk, Bank of Thailand Nasit Siripha (Natthawut Sombatyotha, n. 62), Sergio Suarez, Bodin Phala (Pakorn Premphak, n. 74), Yannik Boli (Adisak Kraisorn, Nor. 46)

Yellow Cards: Bodin Phala, Kosulki, Elias Doloh

Referee: Siwakorn Phuudom