As is tradition each year, club president Mr Wilak Lohtong along with Director Mr Ronnarit Sueaja, presented a framed jersey to key sponsors, YAMAHA, THAI NAMTHIP, LEO, MISUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, HERBALIFE, AIA, THAI AIR ASIA, SAMART CORPORATION, SHOOT SPORTS, JETTS FITNESS, VIBAHWADI HOSPITAL, THAI AIR ASIA, WEENA SPORTS, and THAI TICKET MAJOR.

Fans then got to see the new kit with its red-black design for the home games, and a white away-game jersey. The kit was once again supplied by SHOOT SPORTS, which is known for designing and creating a quality jersey that's comfortable to wear.

Modelling the new kit was the squad of players assembled to take the club to victory this season, with new signings Thai national team midfielder Ekanit Panya and Kenyan international Eric Johana. The stage also held the rest of the squad, including Thai national team players Weerathep Pomphan, Picha Autra, and Adisak Kriason.

Mr Lohtong welcomed fans and important guests and shared, "We believe we can meet the challenge and bring championships to Muangthong again. Thank you to our new and returning sponsors for joining forces with us."

Mr Suewaja added, "The opening ceremony is always an exciting moment fill with hope. We want to play beautiful attacking football. This will be Coach Mario's third season, and last year we finished fourth. We've built on this strength with new players and are ready to pursue championships."

"Lastly, thank you to our fans, and welcome back. We look forward to packed stadiums and an exciting atmosphere, let's fill The Thunderdome to its capacity, and the new kits will be available very soon."

Muangthong United's first match of the season is this Saturday, August 13th, at Ratchaburi FC. Kickoff at 18:00

Muangthong United's first season match is this Saturday, August 13th, at Ratchaburi FC. Kickoff at 18:00